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Medico-legal indicators and cut-offs in different age classes through quantitative analysis of epiphyseal fusion segments on knee CT scans 11
Child brides: the age estimation problem in young girls 11
18. Accuracy of a cut-off value based on the third molar index: Validation in an Australian population 8
Accuracy of Cameriere's cut-off value for third molar in assessing 18 years of age 8
Accuracy of scoring of the epiphyses at the knee joint (SKJ) for assessing legal adult age of 18 years 7
Age estimation by the Cameriere's normalized measurements (CNM) of the single permanent mandibular tooth on a panoramic radiograph 7
Over-treatmnet in parodontologia 6
Accuracy of the third molar index for assessing the legal majority of 18 years in Turkish population 6
Accuracy of Cameriere, Haavikko, and Willems radiographic methods on age estimation on Bosnian-Herzegovian children age groups 6-13. 6
A new formula for assessing skeletal age in growing infants and children by measuring carpals and epiphyses of radio and ulna 6
The third molar maturity index in indicating the legal adult age in Kosovar population 6
Accuracy of cut-off value by measurement of third molar index: Study of a Colombian sample 6
A cut-off value of third molar maturity index for indicating a minimum age of criminal responsibility: Older or younger than 16 years? 5
The third molars for indicating legal adult age in Montenegro 5
Accuracy of Cameriere's third molar maturity index in assessing legal adulthood on Serbian population 5
Accuracy of age estimation in children using radiograph of developing teeth 5
Determination of Drugs of Abuse in a Single Sample of Human Teeth by a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method 5
Analysis of carpal bones on MR images for age estimation: First results of a new forensic approach 5
Response to commentary on “Radiographic analysis of epiphyseal fusion at knee joint to assess likelihood of having attained 18 years of age” 5
Validation of the Third Molar Maturation Index (I3M) to assess the legal adult age in the Portuguese population 5
Dental age assessment by I2M and I3M: Portuguese legal age thresholds of 12 and 14 year olds 5
Forensic Validity of the Third Molar Maturity Index (I3M) for Age Estimation in a Russian Population 5
A comparison of the accuracy of Willems’ and Cameriere's methods based on panoramic radiography 5
Mandibular Fratcure and dislocation in a case study from the jewish cemetery of lucena (CÓRDOBA), in south iberian penisula (8TH-12TH A.D.) 5
Accuracy of the cutoff value of the third molar maturity index: an Egyptian study 5
Carpals and epiphyses of radius and ulna as age indicators using longitudinal data: a Bayesian approach 5
Liability and Medico-Legal Implications in Estimating the Likelihood of Having Attained 14 Years of Age in Pediatric Clinical Practice: A Pilot Study 4
The comparison between measurement of open apices of third molars and Demirjian stages to test chronological age of over 18 year olds in living subjects. 4
The mass burials from the western necropolis of the Greek colony of Himera (Sicily) related to the battles of 480 and 409 BCE 4
Il ritratto di stato 4
The reliability of Cameriere's method in Turkish children: A preliminary report 4
Measurement of the open apices of mandibular first and second premolars to test the chronological age over 14 years: Study on a sample of south Indian children 4
Age Classification in Forensic Medicine Using Machine Learning Techniques 4
Accuracy and reliability of pulp/tooth area ratio in upper canines by peri-apical X-rays 4
The XIVth Century cementery of Castel San Pietro (Bologna, Italy) 4
Vaccines as a preventive tool for substance use disorder: A systematic review including a meta-analysis on nicotine vaccines’ immunogenicity 4
Age estimation in children based on open apices measurement in the Serbian population: Belgrade Age Formula (BAF) 4
Accuracy of Cameriere et al regression equation in Haryana population 4
Leading Pathogens Involved in Co-Infection and Super-Infection with COVID-19: Forensic Medicine Considerations after a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 4
Age estimation by pulp/tooth ratio in lateral and central incisors by peri-apical X-ray 4
Riscontri utili all’identificazione del cadavere nelle cartelle odontoiatriche diversi dai restauri protesici e conservativi 4
Age estimation by pulp/tooth ratio in canines by peri-apical X-rays 4
Reliability of frontal sinus by cone-beam computer tomography (CBCT) for individual identification 4
Adult or not? Accuracy of Cameriere's cut-off value for third molar in assessing 18 years of age for legal purposes 4
Ear identification: A multi-ethnic study sample 4
An Effective Model for Estimating Age in Unaccompanied Minors under the Italian Legal System 4
Segni orali di identificazione in odontoiatria forense 4
Age estimation among Brazilians: Younger or older than 18? 4
AgEstimation project 4
Demirjian's stages and Cameriere's third molar maturity index to estimate legal adult age in Peruvian population 4
Precision and reliability of pulp/tooth area ratio (RA) of second molar as indicator of adult age 4
Age-at-death estimation by pulp/tooth area ratio in canines: study of a 20th-century Mexican sample of prisoners to test Cameriere's method. 4
Age estimation in archaeological skeletal remains: evaluation of four non-destructive age calculation methods 4
Is the third molar maturity index (I3M) useful for a genetic isolate population? Study of a Sardinian sample of children and young adults 4
Correction: Age estimation of African lions Panthera leo by ratio of tooth areas (PLoS One (2016) 11:4 (e0153648) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0153648) 4
Statistical methods to assess the reliability of measurements in the procedures for forensic age estimation. 4
A full Bayesian calibration model for assessing age in adults by means of pulp/tooth area ratio in periapical radiography 4
Third molar maturity index by measurements of open apices in a Libyan sample of living subjects 4
A software for age estimation by pulp/tooth ratio in canines using peri-apical X-rays 4
The Cameriere method using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans for dental age estimation in children 4
Frontal sinus accuracy in identification as measured by false positives in kin groups 4
Effects of nutrition on timing of mineralization in teeth in a Peruvian sample by the Cameriere and Demirjian methods 4
La determinazione dell’eta` nei minori stranieri non accompagnati: elaborazione di una flow-chart valutativa e primi risultati della sua applicazione 4
Anthropometric analysis of orbital and nasal parameters for sexual dimorphism: New anatomical evidences in the field of personal identification through a retrospective observational study 4
Third molar maturity index (I 3M) assessment according to different geographical zones: a large multi-ethnic study sample 4
Age estimation: Cameriere's open apices methodology accuracy on a southeast Brazilian sample 4
Skeletal age assessment by measuring planar projections of carpals and distal epiphyses of ulna and radius bones in a sample of South African subadults 4
Accuracy of the third molar index cut-off value for estimating 18 years of age: Validation in a Japanese samples 4
Automatic age estimation in Adults by analysis of canine pulp/tooth ratio: Preliminary results 4
Titian's secret: Comparison of Eleonora Gonzaga della Rovere's skull with the Uffizi portrait 4
Radiographic analysis of epiphyseal fusion at knee joint to assess likelihood of having attained 18 years of age 4
Canine pulp ratios in estimating pensionable age in subjects with questionable documents of identification. 4
Age estimation in children by measurement of carpals and epiphyses of radius and ulna and open apices in teeth: A pilot study 4
The Fourth Cervical Vertebra Anterior and Posterior Body Height Projections (Vba) for the Assessment of Pubertal Growth Spurt 4
A new analytical cut-off point for determining 18 years of age using MRI on medial clavicular epiphysis 4
Assessment of second (I2M) and third (I3M) molar indices for establishing 14 and 16 legal ages and validation of the Cameriere's I3M cut-off for 18 years old in Chilean population 4
Accuracy of Three Age Estimation Methods in Children by Measurements of Developing Teeth and Carpals and Epiphyses of the Ulna and Radius 4
Age Assessment in Children and Adolescents by Measuring the Open Apices in Teeth: A New Sardinian Formula 4
Age estimation by tooth/pulp ratio in canines by peri-apical X-rays: reliability in age determination of Spanish and Italian medieval skeletal remains 3
Validity of the third molar maturity index I3M for indicating the adult age in the Polish population 3
Authors' response to J Forensic Sci 2009;54(2):506. Can frontal sinuses can be used to identify subjects within family groups. 3
Commentary on: Tardivo D, Sastre J, Ruquet M, Thollon L, Adalian P, Leonetti G, et al. Three-dimensional modeling of the various volumes of canines to determine age and sex: a preliminary study. J Forensic Sci 2011;56(3):766-70 3
Reliability in age determination by pulp/tooth ratio in upper canines in skeletal remains 3
Measurements of developing teeth, and carpals and epiphyses of the ulna and radius for assessing new cut-offs at the age thresholds of 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 years 3
Age of majority assessment in Dutch individuals based on Cameriere's third molar maturity index 3
Il consenso informato nel rialzo del seno mascellare 3
Measurement of open apices in tooth roots in Colombian children as a tool for human identification in asylum and criminal proceedings 3
Age estimation using carpals: Study of a Slovenian sample to test Cameriere's method 3
Cameriere's third molar maturity index in assessing age of majority 3
Segmented Bayesian calibration approach for estimating age in forensic science 3
Age estimation by measuring open apices in teeth: a new formula for two samples of South African black and white children 3
Third molar maturity index (I3M) for assessing age of majority: study of a black South African sample 3
Assessment of legal adult age of 18 by measurement of open apices of the third molars: Study on the Albanian sample 3
Reliability of Schmeling's stages of ossification of medial clavicular epiphyses and its validity to assess 18 years of age in living subjects. 3
Age estimation by pulp/tooth ratio in lower premolars by orthopantomography 3
Ear identification: a pilot study 3
Age estimation in egyptian children by measurements of carpals and epiphyses of the ulna and radius 3
Validation of third molar maturity index (I3M) for discrimination of juvenile/adult status in South Indian population 3
Third molar maturity index for indicating the legal adult age in southeastern France 3
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