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Computed tomography evaluation of jaw atrophies before and after surgical bone augmentation 68
Faccette in ceramica feldspatica stratificata: limiti e soluzioni del digital workflow Feldspathic laminated veneers: limits and solutions of digital workflow 40
Sinus en block inlay grafting with lateral approach and bone lid replacement: report of a series of cases 36
Cleaning efficacy of the XP-endo® finisher instrument compared to other irrigation activation procedures: A systematic review 35
Five-year outcome of bone remodelling around implants in the maxillary sinus: assessment of differences between implants placed in autogenous inlay bone blocks and in ungrafted maxilla 35
Clinical survey of neurosensory side-effects of mandibular parasymphyseal bone harvesting 33
Experimental Comparison on Dental BioTribological Pairs Zirconia/Zirconia and Zirconia/Natural Tooth by Using a Reciprocating Tribometer 33
A clinical study of the outcomes and complications associated with maxillary sinus augmentation 33
Implant Success in Sinus-Lifted Maxillae and Native Bone: A 3-year Clinical and Computerized Tomographic Follow-up 32
Retrospective volume analysis of bone remodeling after tooth extraction with and without deproteinized bovine bone mineral insertion 32
Apical and Marginal Bone Alterations around Implants in Maxillary Sinus Augmentation Grafted with Autogenous Bone or Bovine Bone Material and Simultaneous or Delayed Dental Implant Positioning 32
Implant angulation: 2-year retrospective analysis on the influence of dental implant angle insertion on marginal bone resorption in maxillary and mandibular osseous onlay grafts 32
Histological and clinical survey of polylactic-polyglycolic acid and dextrane copolymer in maxillary sinus lift: a pilot in vivo study 31
Possible Association of Periodontal Disease and Macular Degeneration: A Case-Control Study 31
A Comparative Volumetric Study of Symphysis Donor Defects, Unfilled or Filled with Bone Substitute 31
Marginal masticatory mucosa dimensional changes in immediate post-extractive implants: a 2 year prospective cohort study 30
Computed tomography-aided descriptive analysis of maxillary and mandibular atrophies 30
Volume Changes of Grafted Autogenous Bone in Sinus Augmentation Procedure 30
Implant survival in maxillary and mandibular osseous onlay grafts and native bone: a 3-year clinical and computerized tomographic follow-up 30
A 5-year Implant Follow-up in Maxillary and Mandibular Horizontal Osseous Onlay Grafts and Native Bone 30
Estudio experimental sobre la utilización de células madre humanas en la terapia de los defectos periodontales: resultados preliminares. Experimental study on the use of human stem cell therapy in periodontal defects: Preliminary results 29
Clinical and Histologic Analysis of CalciumSulfate in Treatment of a Post-ExtractionDefect: A Case Report 29
Evidence-based recommendations on periodontal practice and the management of periodontal patients during and after the covid-19 era: Challenging infectious diseases spread by airborne transmission 28
A 5-year longitudinal cohort study on crown to implant ratio effect on marginal bone level in single implants 28
Evaluation of volumetric dimensional changes in posterior extraction sites with and without ARP using a novel imaging device 27
A 5-year clinical and computerized tomographic implant follow-up in sinus-lifted maxillae and native bone 27
Antibiotic’s effectiveness after erupted tooth extractions: A retrospective study 27
Langherans' cell histiocytosis: A case report of an eosinophilic granuloma of the mandible treated with bone graft surgery and endosseous titanium implants 25
The association between periodontitis and human colorectal cancer: Genetic and pathogenic linkage 25
Obesity and periodontal disease: A narrative review on current evidence and putative molecular links 25
Gene clustering analysis in human osteoporosis disease and modifications of the jawbone 24
Volume changes of autogenous bone grafts after alveolar ridge augmentation of atrophic maxillae and mandibles 24
Oral manifestations and the role of the oral healthcare workers in COVID-19 20
Volume changes of autogenous bone after sinus lifting and grafting procedures: A 6-year computerized tomographic follow-up 18
Bucco-lingual crestal bone changes after immediate and delayed implant placement 18
Volumetric changes after sinus augmentation using blocks of autogenous iliac bone or freeze-dried allogeneic bone. A non-randomized study 18
Volume changes of iliac crest autogenous bone grafts after vertical and horizontal alveolar ridge augmentation of atrophic maxillas and mandibles: a 6-year computerized tomographic follow-up 18
Relation of gastric volume with weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy: Results of a prospective analysis 17
Healing of Donor Defect After Mandibular Parasymphyseal Block Harvesting: A 6-year Computerized Tomographic follow-up 16
Oral Healthcare and Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: Early Recognition, Dental Management and Case Report 16
Periodontal and peri-implant diseases and systemically administered statins: A systematic review 16
Mronj incidence after multiple teeth extractions in patients taking oral bisphosphonates without “drug holiday”: A retrospective chart review 15
Ribozymes: Analytical Solution of the One-Substrate, Two-Intermediate Reversible Scheme for Enzyme Reactions 15
Scanning Electron Microscopy Fractography Analysis of Fractured Hollow Implants 15
Mastication induces long-term increases in blood perfusion of the trigeminal principal nucleus 14
Vitamin C Acutely Affects Brain Perfusion and Mastication-Induced Perfusion Asymmetry in the Principal Trigeminal Nucleus 14
A Systematic Review on Organ-on-a-Chip in PDMS or Hydrogel in Dentistry: An Update of the Literature 3
Stress-strain and fatigue life numerical evaluation of two different dental implants considering isotropic and anisotropic human jaw 1
Adherence to Antibiotic Prescription of Dental Patients: The Other Side of the Antimicrobial Resistance 1
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