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Use of video observation and motor imagery on jumping performance in national rhythmic gymnastics athletes 1-gen-2014 Battaglia, C.; D'Artibale, E.; Fiorilli, G.; Piazza, M.; Tsopani, D.; Giombini, A.; Calcagno, Giuseppe; Di Cagno, A.
Use of Vis-NIR Spectroscopy to predict the impact of different amendments on Pb and As bioaccessibility in urban soils 1-gen-2019 DI IORIO, Erika; Circelli, L.; Colombo, C.; Paltseva, A.; Deeb, M.; Cheng, Z.
Usefulness of doppler techniques in the diagnosis of peripheral iatrogenic pseudoaneurysms secondary to minimally invasive interventional and surgical procedures: imaging findings and diagnostic performance study 1-gen-2020 Corvino, A.; Catalano, O.; de Magistris, G.; Corvino, F.; Giurazza, F.; Raffaella, N.; Vallone, G.
Usefulness of point shear wave elastography to assess the effects of extracorporeal shockwaves on spastic muscles in children with cerebral palsy: An uncontrolled experimental study 1-gen-2019 Corrado, B.; Albano, M.; Caprio, M. G.; Di Luise, C.; Sansone, M.; Servodidio, V.; Russo, S.; Vallone, G.; Vola, E. A.; Servodio Iammarrone, C.
Usefulness of salivary cortisol in the diagnosis of hypercortisolim: comparison with serum and urinary cortisol. 1-gen-2013 Manetti, L; Rossi, G; Grasso, L; Raffaelli, V; Scattina, I; Del Sarto, S; Cosottini, M; Iannelli, A; Gasperi, Maurizio; Bogazzi, F; Martino, E.
Usefulness of triphasic CT aortic angiography in acute and surveillance: Our experience in the assessment of acute aortic dissection and endoleak 1-gen-2016 Reginelli, Alfonso; Capasso, Raffaella; Ciccone, Vincenzo; Croce, Maria Rosaria; Di Grezia, Graziella; Carbone, Mattia; Maggialetti, Nicola; Barile, Antonio; Fonio, Paolo; Scialpi, Michele; Brunese, Luca
User Authentication through Keystroke Dynamics by means of Model Checking: A Proposal 1-gen-2019 Tommaso, F. D.; Guerra, M.; Martinelli, F.; Mercaldo, F.; Piedimonte, M.; Rosa, G.; Santone, A.
User Reviews Matter! Tracking Crowdsourced Reviews to Support Evolution of Successful Apps 1-gen-2015 F., Palomba; M., Linares Vasquez; G., Bavota; Oliveto, Rocco; M., Di Penta; D., Poshyvanyk; A., De Lucia
A User-Friendly Interface to Specify Temporal Properties of Concurrent Systems 1-gen-2007 N., DE FRANCESCO; Santone, Antonella; G., Vaglini
Usi civici e proprietà collettive tra realtà odierne e prospettive future 1-gen-2013 Fontanarosa, Fiore
Usi civici e proprietà collettive. Spunti per una comparazione diacronica e sincronica 1-gen-2012 Fontanarosa, Fiore
“Usi civici”: the Italian side of the Commons 1-gen-2015 Mancini, Flavia; Paoloni, Lorenza
L'usine, l'espace et la ville à Naples dans une perspective historique: installation, réemploi, délocalitation 1-gen-2011 Parisi, Roberto
Using between-patches boundaries parameters for conservation status assessment on coastal dune ecosystems 1-gen-2007 Carranza, Maria Laura; Feola, S; Acosta, A; Stanisci, Angela
Using an in-line rotating torque transducer to study the rheological aspects of malaxed olive paste 1-gen-2013 Tamborrino, A; Catalano, Pasquale; Leone, A.
Using automated vegetation cover estimation from close-range photogrammetric point clouds to compare vegetation location properties in mountain terrain 1-gen-2021 R., Niederheiser; Winkler, M.; Di Cecco, V.; Erschbamer, B.; Fernández, R.; Geitner, C.; Hofbauer, Hannah; Kalaitzidis, C.; Klingraber, Barbara; Lamprecht, A.; Lorite, J.; Nicklas, L.; Nyktas, P.; Pauli, H.; Stanisci, A.; Steinbauer, K.; Theurillat, J. -P.; Vittoz &, P.; Rutzinger, M.
Using between patch boundaries for conservation status assessment on coastal dune ecosystems 1-gen-2007 Carranza, Maria Laura; Feola, S; Stanisci, Angela
Using betwenn patch boundaries for conservation status assessment on coastal dune ecosystems 1-gen-2007 Carranza, Maria Laura; Feola, S; Acosta, A. STANISCI A.
Using Canalography to Visualize the In Vivo Aqueous Humor Outflow Conventional Pathway in Humans. 1-gen-2014 Zeppa, L; Ambrosone, Luigi; Guerra, Germano; Fortunato, M; Costagliola, Ciro
Using Causal Maps to Analyse the Major Root Causes of Household Food Waste: Results of a Survey among People from Central and Southern Italy 1-gen-2019 Fanelli, Rosa Maria
Mostrati risultati da 29.091 a 29.110 di 30.016
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