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A 182 bp fragment of the mouse pro-alpha1(II) collagen gene is sufficient to direct chondrocyte-specific expression in transgenic mice 1-gen-1995 Zhou, G.; Garofalo, Silvio; Mukhopadhyay, K.; Lefebvre, V.; Smith, C.; Eberspaecher, H.; DE CROMBRUGGHE, B.
A 3-year retrospective study in medicocriminal entomology: a review of 100 cases concerning insects associated with human remains. 1-gen-2002 Campobasso, Carlo Pietro; Gherardi, M; Costantini, G; Introna, F.
A 47-bp sequence of the first intron of the mouse pro alpha 1(II) collagen gene is sufficient to direct chondrocyte Expression. 1-gen-1996 Lefebvre, V; Mukhopadhyay, K; Zhou, G; Garofalo, Silvio; Smith, C; Eberspaecher, H; Kimura, Jh; de Crombrugghe, B.
A biochemical approach to elucidate the pathway of patulin degradation by a biocontrol yeast. Proceedings of the 9th International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) 1-gen-2008 Aloisio, I; Wright, S. A. I.; DE FELICE, D. V.; Castoria, Raffaello
A Brief on Hilbert Modules and von Neumann Modules 1-gen-2013 Skeide, Michael
A CAD-based Methodology for Motion and Constraint Analysis According to Screw Theory 1-gen-2009 Franciosa, P; Gerbino, Salvatore
A CAD-based methodology for planar and cylindrical feature recognition 1-gen-2008 Franciosa, P; Gerbino, Salvatore
A case of a teratocarcinoma with retroperitoneal location 1-gen-1999 MATTACE RASO, M; Tamasi, S; Salzano, A; Carbone, M; Brunese, Luca
A Case of Compound Mutations in the MYBPC3 Gene Associated with Biventricular Hypertrophy and Neonatal Death. 1-gen-2012 Marziliano, N; Merlini, Pa; Vignati, G; Orsini, F; Motta, V; Bandiera, L; Intrieri, Mariano; Veronese, S.
A case of Megaselia scalaris (Loew) (Dipt., Phoridae) breeding in a human corpse 1-gen-2004 Campobasso, Carlo Pietro; Disney, Hl; Introna, F.
A central limit theorem for Bose Z -independent quantum random variables 1-gen-1999 Skeide, Michael
A Characterization of the Dickey-Fuller Distribution With Some Extensions to the Multivariate Case 1-gen-2009 Cerqueti, R; Costantini, M; Lupi, Claudio
A che ora è la fine del calcio? 1-gen-2007 Germano, Ivo Stefano
A che servono i confini? 1-gen-2008 Muscara', Luca
A Companion to Multiconfessionalism in the Early Modern World, edited by Thomas Max Safley, Leiden, Brill, 2011 1-gen-2012 Valente, Michaela
A comparative assessment of thin-film photovoltaic production processes using the ELECTRE III method 1-gen-2010 Cavallaro, Fausto
A comparison between 2N and 4N HCl methods for digestibility trials in horses 1-gen-2006 Bergero, D; Prefontaine, C; Miraglia, Nicoletta; Peiretti, P. G.
A comparison between the 2N and 4N HCL acid-insoluble ash methods for digestibility trials in horses 1-gen-2009 Bergero, D; Préfontaine, C; Miraglia, Nicoletta; Peiretti, P. G.
A comparison of modern and fossil ostracods from Frasassi cave system (norteastern Apennines, Italy) to infer past environmental conditions 1-gen-2012 Iepure, S; Namiotko, T; Montanari, A; Brugiapaglia, Elisabetta; Mainiero, M; Mariani, S; Fiebig, M.
Mostrati risultati da 152 a 171 di 32.019
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